Argent Craft Natural Obsidian Stone Bracelet with Dragon Heads (Silver)

Argent Craft Natural Obsidian Stone Bracelet with Dragon Heads (Silver)

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The wearer of dragon accessories may feel courage, power, protection and even good luck! Some say wearing a dragon pendant helps to protect one's finest treasure, your heart. Though the dragon can symbolize strength and power of the wearer, it also wards off others who's energy is not welcome.

What is Black Obsidian and its uses?

In the world of crystals, Obsidian is considered to be one of the most protective stone that is used to cleanse negative energies. It does not only remove negativity in the space, but also get rid of a person’s undesired feeling, such as anger, resentment, fear, anxiety and many others unwanted emotion.

  • Obsidian Stone 
  • Single Red/Yellow Amber Stone
  • Silver Dragon Heads
  • Dragons represent strength, courage and wisdom as well as being considered as bringers of good fortune and prosperity.
  • Bracelet made of elastic for easy stretch and fit

  • Perfect for Couples To Show off That They Belong Together, Whether Your Have A Long Distance Relationship or Stay Together.
  •  1 x Bracelets In Package 

    Care instructions :
    - Avoid contact with water: do not wear jewellery when in the swimming pool, while bathing or showering, this may tarnish the jewellery and weaken the links and strands
    - Dry jewellery thoroughly, in case of exposure to water
    - Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as cleaning products and perfumed products, e.g. soap, oils, perfume, hairspray and lotions
    - Always put jewellery on last as a finishing touch
    - Wipe jewellery clean gently with a soft cloth if necessary
    - Store away in a safe place to avoid tangling and damage and do not tug or pull at the strands
    - length : 19cm